appserv A company with Spark

Empower your business to change as you
need it to, without the constraints of
traditional IT ownership.

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Appserv offers a complete IT
infrastructure service to companies that
require reliability, security and flexibility.

Appserv is constantly reviewing new technology and software to ensure
your IT is giving your business the competitive edge.

Subscription based technology management.
Focus on what's important.
Consistency anywhere, anytime.
Business continuity, continually.
Expert & objective executive advice.

IT infrastructure is expensive to own and manage. With Appserv your IT becomes subscription based, with costs covered in a single monthly bill and no capital outlay.

With Appserv managing your day to day IT and providing support to your employees, you and your team can focus on building a better business.

Access your business information via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone wherever and whenever. Your IT is consistent and reliable, whether your users are in the office or not.

Access a level of IT capability and service you would struggle to achieve yourself, ensuring that it’s always business as usual.

Appserv operates independently from ‘traditional IT channels’, so you can be sure you receive the right objective advice tailored to your specific business needs.